Depression & Anxiety

Men and women seek treatment with me to understand what causes their depression and anxiety and how to overcome it. We explore conflicts outside your awareness to develop alternative perspectives, to clarify goals and to learn what obstacles block you from achieving satisfaction. Together, we work to end recurring habits and relationship conflicts to find a greater sense of control. My patients create meaning through self-discovery to manage stress better and to live fuller lives.


Using evidence-based techniques, I can help you to overcome insomnia. I will assess your sleep patterns and suggest steps to experience a refreshing night’s sleep.

A case in point was a man in his middle thirties complaining of persistent insomnia. Six months before he came to his first therapy appointment, he had lost his well-paying job in a large New York company.

With two young children and a wife who did not work, anxiety consumed him. He fell asleep easily, yet awoke at two or three am and remained awake, sometimes until dawn. Despite feeling exhausted, he succeeded at landing a job which paid better than his previous position. Yet the pattern had been set, and his early-morning awakenings continued. We discussed his history. As an assessment, he kept a sleep diary and discussed his personal history. With this data, we formulated a treatment protocol that resulted in consistently more restful sleep.


Addiction impairs one’s ability to work, to care for children or to maintain a healthy marriage. With a full assessment and diagnosis, we will develop treatment so you can face the addiction and manage it.

Sexual Problems

For men and women, intimacy issues can shake our self-esteem. With a non-judgmental approach and compassionate understanding, together we can face the factors that led to current sexual problems. Many sexual problems do not respond to medication, but can be addressed psychologically.

My Approach

The most vital aspect of treatment is a strong working relationship. In a safe, nonjudgmental environment, we will explore conflicts and obstacles that block you from achieving satisfaction. We will work to end your recurring pain and to find a greater sense of well-being.

Together, we will develop a treatment plan to suit you individual goals and needs.